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Every project is unique and fully customized to meet your lifestyle needs and preferences. 
At Sparfell & Partners, we offer a range of special programs and services described on this page.
From consulting to market research, engineering to operations, maintenance to management and all the way to designing your perfect aircraft inside and out: we take care of every step.


For clients who prefer not to take on the commitments of long-term ownership, leasing a private jet is an attractive solution.You can dry lease an aircraft with no extras or wet lease one and receive an aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance as a fixed package.

This new aircraft leasing solution - THE SILC SOLUTION - is available through our sister company SILC and operations are powered by Luxaviation, the second largest private aviation group worldwide. The experience and expertise of our partners guarantees the best options for our clients.

Full information at: www.silc.lease


Sparfell & Partners has a proven track record of managing & delivering bespoke, turn-key projects for Heads of State and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals. With decades of experience in managing such turn-key projects for Heads of State and other bespoke clients including the British and Saudi Arabian Royal families, Sparfell & Partners knows first-hand customer needs and requirements.


In collaboration with MPLANES, Aviation Manager is an owner representation service that is designed for our clients who are in any of the following situations:

  • They wish to keep costs under control and to protect their asset

  • They wish to be represented by a professional without having to employ one

  • They wish to benefit from an industry expert representing their interests in aviation matters

  • They wish to be represented by a professional without having to employ oneTheir core business is not aviation

  • They desire a professional opinion on certain or all aspects of aircraft ownership (maintenance events, invoice verification, choice of suppliers, upgrade advice, selection of crew, etc.)

  • They dedicate their pilots to the most important points: safety. Not to other management functions

  • Their aircraft management company performs both Continuous Airworthiness (CAMO) Maintenance (PART 145) functions

In short, this service works as a representative and therefore looks after our clients' interests. This starts at the pre-purchase stage including interior outfitting oversight and accompanies them throughout the ownership of their asset.


With SmartSwap program, we believe that we have solved three issues in one go for aircraft owners who experience high costs of ownership through the use of an older aircraft and who wish to continue to benefit from aircraft ownership. Sparfell & Partners take care of the whole process from selling or disposing of the 'old' difficult to sell aircraft, replacing it with a newer aircraftwith lower operating costs and setting up the owner with an efficient operator who can additionally offer the aircraft for charter should the owner so wish.

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