Philip G. Queffelec



The son of a highly esteemed pilot, Philip grew up in the world of aviation. After working in sales and marketing for Xerox for over eight years, Philip founded his first company dedicated to business aircraft leasing in 1988: Air Engineering Finance. The company grew to be the French leader in the sector and became sole distributor for McDonnell Douglas helicopters in France and the Benelux region.

The company’s innovative Notar system (no-tail rotor) led Philip to beat as Commander the world speed record in a demonstration of the MD 520N Helicopter.

A true entrepreneur at heart, Philip founded his second company in 1992. Based in London, Euro Aircraft Trading Ltd was dedicated to trading both business and commercial aircraft.

In 1996, Euro Aircraft Trading Ltd became the distributor for McDonnell Douglas commercial aircraft until the manufacturer’s merger with Boeing Company.In 2000, Philip founded Corporate Jet Management SA in Geneva to operate the fleet of Rolex Watch Group.

In the same year, he founded Masterjet, which would go on to become one of the leading European business airlines specialising in Head of State and VVIP flights. Masterjet is now part of Luxaviation Group.

In 2006, Philip created Sparfell Aviation Group in Geneva in order to regroup all his activities under one roof, which still operates today and grows by the year.